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Elegant Metal
Description / Notes

Nipple piercings of the ring variety. You get a choice of right, left or both. Both the ring and nipple are recolorable. They were created to go with aikea guinea's Default Replacement skin. Whether they will work with other skins I don't know as, clearly, I use aikea guineas. I would have liked the transition from the nipple to the body to have looked better, but the game always cuts a hard line between two overlapping meshes so... *sigh* Overall it gives the effect I wanted and I'm happy with it.

Note #1 : you need to use the 'unlockOutfits true' cheat to get to this item. It is a clone of the Medal Necklace for males.

Note #2 : this item is a prima donna and its textures will only appear correctly if it is the FIRST accessory placed on your Sim. Seriously. If your adding them to an existing Sim, remove all current accessories first, add the nipple rings, then place the other accessories again. Don't ask me why, I've been scratching my head for days over this and have no clue other than maybe it has something to do with it being an unlockOutfits item. *shrugs*

ambitions accessories
yes x2 YA/Adult