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Leevan's Hat
Description / Notes

Leevan's hat is designed to be worn with short cropped hair but if you have #aWT's Hat Control Slider Set, it can be used with many more styles.

NOTE : as with all accessories, wearing more than one will cause the pattern to blur. With jewelery and small items it isn't as obvious (mostly because your less likely to use a textured pattern), but with this hat it is. So keep in mind that the pattern will only look crisp when no other accessories are being worn. This also happens with game accessories, so I'm guessing there isn't going to be a fix anytime soon, if ever.

MESH : I may have smooshed and twisted and removed and rearranged and squished it to death, but the mesh is still an EA original.

base game accessories/socks
yes x2 teen to elder/male or female